UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis Posts Video Of Pregnant Woman Snorting Something At Baseball Game


A UFC fighter caused a minor internet meltdown when he filmed and posted a video of a pregnant woman snorting something which looks suspiciously like cocaine while at a Houston Astros baseball game.

Derrick Lewis posted the short clip on his Twitter page, accompanied by the eye-catching caption: “Damn shame.lady doing Coke at the Astros game.”


And the 30-year-old heavyweight may be pretty new to the UFC but he’s already picked up some pretty good damage control tips. He quickly deleted the tweet and fell back on that good old defence: “I was hacked”.

But, fear not, as one concerned Internet user managed to grab the video before it disappeared and uploaded it for everyone else to savour.

The footage appears to show the pregnant young woman decide she has to party for two now, taking what looks like a car key out of her pocket and snorting something off it while the game was in progress.

Lewis (or someone who bears a pretty uncanny resemblance to him) can be seen at the end of the video too.

After all the furore caused by the post (which may or may not have been by Lewis), the 13-4 MMA fighter poked some fun at the whole situation on his Twitter account.




At least the big man has a sense of humour. As for what that woman in the video was actually doing, we’ll leave that one up to you to decide…