UFC Fighters Take On The Infamous Ninja Warrior Course



MMA fighters who compete in the UFC have to stay in tip-top shape and are some of the most conditioned athletes in the world today.

So seeing how some of them fare on the gruelling course that is Ninja Warrior was always going to be interesting – and that’s exactly what happened on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s ‘BMF Ranch’ YouTube channel recently.

Cowboy, who is currently the UFC’s no.1 Lightweight contender, invited No.1 Flyweight John Dodson – along with a few other young fighters – to the American Ninja Warrior course in New Mexico.

And while they tackled it pretty well, it still goes to show how much of a tricky bastard this course can be – and in front of a massive live audience, it must be even worse.

I so want to try this.