UFC Pundits Identify Conor McGregor’s Greatest Weapon

by : UNILAD on : 21 Feb 2016 14:08

Conor McGregor is a supremely confident man and UFC pundits Joe Rogan and Robin Black think it may be his greatest asset.


Speaking on Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the pair discussed ‘growth mindset’ and the concept of always believing you can achieve more.

They attributed the talent to McGregor, who has famously predicted how each of his major fights would finish and is pretty outspoken about his desire to be the first man in UFC to hold multiple belts.

Black said:


The thing that the guy has is that insane growth mindset. To him, anything is possible.

If you win the 155lb belt, okay you go fight Robbie [Lawler]. Oh okay, if you won that, who are you going to fight? [Luke] Rockhold? And then Jon Jones?

There are limits, you know what I mean. There are fucking limits. But he actually believes there are none, and that belief means that he is better at everything than he was yesterday.

There has to be a point. But that belief that there is no point, that belief that there is no limit whatsoever is extremely powerful when it’s put together with a drive of a work ethic – an insane work ethic. That is a powerful thing.


Next up for Mcgregor is a highly anticipated fight with Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title.

McGregor has predicted he will finish the Brazilian in under one minute, while RDA has promised to break the Irishman ‘like a girl’.


Can the sky really be the limit for ‘The Notorious’ so long as he keeps setting new goals, or will RDA prove the man to finally stop the Irishman in his tracks on March 5?


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