UFO Believers Completely Lose It Seeing ‘Tasmanian Fireball’ Fall From Sky

Lee-Anne Peters

Australian UFOlogists are convinced they’ve seen proof of alien life forms, after a so-called ‘flaming meteor’ was seen in the skies. 

Tasmanian residents were witness to a spectacular show of pyrotechnics, according to ABC, which caused many truth-seekers to wildly speculate about aliens entering earth’s atmosphere.

After Lee-Anne Peters posted the unusual footage to Facebook, one user was quick to rejoice, writing: “No longer will the population outcast you for believing in aliens.”


Peters told ABC:

It was very slow moving, not like the high jets I’ve seen before. I got out the binoculars and thought it must be a meteorite.

I was sure it was something burning up from space… But now, I am sure it was just a plane with the sunrise highlighting its contrails.

The Australian federal government’s air navigation services provider was quick to quash the rumours circulating about extra-terrestrial invasion, explaining that the so-called ‘flaming meteor’ was, in fact, an aircraft passing over Australian airspace.

Lee-Anne Peters

Furthermore, a Launceston Planetarium astronomer, Chris Arkle told ABC he thought the object was definitely a ‘high flying aircraft’ and poured cold water on the ‘fireball meteor’ theory.

But that didn’t stop other social media users enforcing their faith in UFOs – despite the fact that this particular flying object was resolutely identified.

One YouTuber has even shared his theories in a video online, which you can watch below:


One commentator wrote: “The government’s just covering it up like Roswell. Bloody reptilian government,” in an hilarious – needless to say, totally unverified – vitriol.

The search for other life in our solar system continues.