UFO Hunters Find Alien Ship ‘Harvesting Energy From The Sun’


Alien obsessives across the globe have spotted something spectacularly eerie in these images released by NASA. 

See it?

On the left hand side of the image you can rather clearly see what appears to be an orb attached by a large thin line to the sun, reports the Mirror.


Now as my knowledge of the sun is pretty inadequate, I presume the spectacle could be a whole host of things but alien hunters are adamant it is an unidentified flying object harvesting solar energy from the sun.

Posing the question, ‘Is this a MASSIVE UFO feeding off SUN energy?’ a video was uploaded to YouTube revealing the images from NASA and zooming in on the mysterious UFO.

The YouTuber known as Streetcap1 explained:

The fact that the UFO is a different color and shape to the rest of the ‘Connected Line’ is what convinced me to upload this. I was not a great believer in this Plasma SUN Energy Theory, but this has got me thinking.

Apparently there’s a pretty serious theory known as star lifting which involves the process of a civilisation taking material from a star and using it for themselves.

While the theory is almost entirely fictional, is this the evidence we needed to prove star lifting is real? Probably not, no.