UFO Hunters Find Huge ‘Alien Doorway’ On Mercury

by : UNILAD on : 14 Nov 2016 09:54

A day doesn’t seem to go by these days without more earth-shattering ‘proof’ coming to light that aliens really do exist.


We’ve become somewhat skeptical of any ISS smudges and grainy footage, but could this latest evidence prove once and for all the existence of extra terrestrials? Well, you be the judge.

A huge-door like object has been spotted on the desolate surface of Mercury, which UFO hunters believe is a portal for alien spacecraft.

The weird image was captured on the Victoria Rupes Cliffs, which appears to show a rectangular shape sitting right next to a crater.


Tireless UFO hunter Scott C. Waring was the first to discover the ‘monolith’ and thinks it proves once and for all the existence of aliens on the Solar System’s smallest planet.

He said:

I was looking over some Mercury photos and found this unusual black doorway. It is long and rectangle in shape with four almost perfect right-angled corners. Unless meteor cubes are pummelling planets, this seems to be made by ancient aliens.

Scott explained that the ‘doorway’ is roughly 3.4 miles long and is used for ‘giant ships to travel through’.

Apparently these images first did the rounds a couple of years back on ufosightingsdaily.com, but they’ve been picked up in the last few days by conspiracy theorists SecureTeam10.

“Nowhere in this picture are any of these rectangular black marks, so it is very unlikely that this is a glitch or something like that,” a narrator says in their video, which has already been viewed 320,000 times.



Many viewers are convinced it’s unequivocal proof of aliens, but until we see one in the flesh this just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid.

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