UFO Hunters Think This Image Shows Alien Landing Site In Antarctic


The truth is out there, and apparently it could lie in Antarctica.

Following the publication of an alleged satellite image of the Antarctic, believers in extra-terrestrial life are claiming it could prove aliens are visiting Earth.

This is the image in question…

Godlike Productions

As reported by the Daily Star, the debate has been hosted on popular conspiracy theory forum Godlike Productions, with early arguments suggesting a staircase from an alien structure is present in the snow.

While others have argued that it is ‘in fact’ not a structure, but a massive footprint left behind by an alien craft which used the location as a landing site.

An anonymous user posted the image along with the message:

This morning, in the work van, we were talking about conspiracies, and one of them were about so many big names going to Antarctica out of the blue.

I was bored so I pulled out Google Earth for a while, just exploring, when I came across something that looked like a giant staircase.

Another user was quick to move on from the idea that the image showed stairs on a pyramid-like structure.

They argued:

They are not stairs – way too big.

They are ridges formed by a saw-teeth-shaped weight bearing down and compacting the snow. It’s more likely a landing site than stairs.

Maybe it wasn’t even aliens though – there have long been rumours of a hidden Nazi base in the icy region.

Some commenters went one step further and suggested it’s actually NASA who are behind the mystery saying, “NASA is setting up a fake alien encounter. It’s an elaborate, well-planned hoax.”

What do you reckon?