UFO Sighting Brings Traffic To A Complete Standstill

by : UNILAD on : 06 Oct 2016 08:05

This is the bizarre moment a ‘UFO’ appeared in the sky above China causing anxious and inquisitive drivers to stop their cars and stare at the weird object in the sky.


The footage, thought to have been taken from a dashcam, shows a car coming to an abrupt halt behind dozens of other cars who’s drivers have all abandoned them to gaze at the UFO, reports the Daily Star.

The stunned witnesses point their phones into the sky as they record the spectacle they are witnessing.


As with almost all the ‘definitely legit UFO’ videos on YouTube, the short clip was posted to the site by Scott C. Waring – one of the world’s most seasoned alien hunters.


Writing about the finding on his blog, Scott wrote:

Overall this is a fantastic example of a big UFO over China.

A crowd builds up in the middle of a highway in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The street quickly becomes a parking lot on both sides as people get out of their cars and start recording the UFO with their mobile phones.

I also noticed if you make it full screen – the UFO wobbles as its moving. It is a disk, so perhaps the disk is spinning as it moves as many UFOs have been reported to do.


As you can probably imagine, the video has been bombarded with a fuck-tonne of common sense scepticism in the comment section – even from other UFO hunters.

One such alien hunter, Tommy Pratt, commented: Very surprised Scott never thought that u would put out a fake vid ??? I thought u to be one of the credible ones ??’

Others claimed that the video was taken from an advert or from a low budget film…

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    UFO sighting shocks drivers and brings traffic to a standstill after they abandon cars