UFO Spotters Claim Aliens First Visited Britain In 1801


UFO “experts” reckon they’ve finally found the earliest recorded alien visitors to Earth, with drawings apparently showing the extra-terrestrial contact in 1801 in Hull, of all places.

According to drawings and newspaper reports from the time, a massive moon-like orb appeared over the town, bathing the streets in a weird blue light between midnight and 1am on June 19, 1801.

UFO spotters are now pointing to this bizarre phenomenon as evidence that aliens have been visiting our planet for centuries.

Peter Harbour/Hull Daily Mail

Mike Covell

Quite why aliens would choose to visit Hull, of all places, doesn’t appear to have crossed the mind of historian and author Mike Covell.

Speaking to the Express, Covell, 37, revealed how he’d been intrigued by shadowy references in 1950s literature to a UFO sighting in 1801 in the north-east of England. And, when he began to research the phenomenon, he was pretty stunned to discover that, not only were the reports true, but the sighting had occurred in his own city.

At the time, eye witnesses claimed they saw “an immense moon with a black bar across it” loom over the Humber from the south-west. The Northampton Mercury report from the time described how the object “seemed then to form itself into seven small distinct moons or globes of fire which disappeared for the space of a few seconds”.


Covell added:

This looked more like a Death Star. It bathed the entire city in blue light, which must have been terrifying. No one at the time even dreamed there might be Little Green Men. So everyone was baffled and trying to figure out what it was.

Citizens must have been especially baffled considering nobody knew what a Death Star was at the time, since Star Wars wasn’t going to be a thing for another 176 years.

Also, modern astronomers are fairly sure that the descriptions of the strange blue object in the sky would refer to the break up of a comet. But, hey, what would they know?