UFO Spotters Claim Snowboarder’s GoPro Footage Has Captured Proof Of Aliens


It’s fair to say there’s only pretty tenuous evidence as to the existence of aliens, but this new footage has UFO hunters very excited.

YouTuber Shreds1620 was snowboarding down a mountain back in 2013, in an unconfirmed location, when his GoPro captured something strange hovering above him in the clear blue sky.

A stick-like shape appears to be flying overhead, and after nearly a minute on film the supposed craft disappears from view.

Check it out:


Hmmmmmmm… It certainly doesn’t look like a conventional plane.

The footage was recently sent to alien sighting channel Secure Team 10, and they seem to have very few doubts about what they are witnessing.

Here is their analysis:

The Daily Mirror reported the commentator as saying:

This is just mind-blowing footage.

I cannot think of an explanation where you would have a very odd cigar-shaped object come out of nowhere and simply sit in the sky like that.

I see no human utility for such an object, airplane banners do not stop and sit in the sky, nor do balloons.

What we have here is a genuine, unidentified unlikely craft of some sort, and I’m not leaning to the human side of manufacturing of this craft.

Mind officially blown.

I’m not entirely convinced, but there is definitely a mystery surrounding what the object is.