UFOs Harassed Three Warships For Several Days, Logs Report

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Mar 2021 13:29
UFOs Harassed Three Warships For Several Days, Logs ReportPA Images/Warner Bros.

Newly-released details from the logs of US warships reveal they were harassed by UFOs for several days in July 2019. 

The USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta and USS John Finn were engaged in a training exercise in a military area off the coast of California when those on board spotted UFOs they described as ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ or ‘drones’.


As many as six of the drones swarmed around the three vessels over a matter of days, at times performing ‘brazen’ manoeuvres around the ships.

USS Kidd Navy shipPA Images

The logs, obtained by The Drive through the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), recorded the sightings in entries such as ‘Kidd reported UAV overhead,’ and ‘White light identified hovering over ships flight deck.’

One entry, from the Rafael Peralta, reported, ‘Two UAV’s spotted off the starboard wing.’ Six minutes later, another entry added, ‘Four UAV’s spotted off the starboard bridge.’


At one point during the encounter, the drones matched the speed and bearing of the USS Kidd for approximately 90 minutes – longer than the typical 30-minute endurance of small drones.

Though the warships are equipped with sensors, radar, thermal imaging and electro-optical systems, the crew was unable to track the craft when they disappeared.

Radar screensPixabay

On July 15, 2019 the three vessels reached out to the nearby cruise ship Carnival Imagination to determine if the crafts were from there, and while crew confirmed they were not, they reported being able to see five or six of the objects flying around the warships.


This time, the craft hovered in the area for three hours, with the USS Rafael Peralta at one point identifying four drones following the ship.

Following the bizarre sightings, the Navy, Coastguard, FBI and other agencies launched a formal investigation during which investigators contacted the operators of several commercial ships in the area, but their search revealed no answers.

US Navy warshipsPA Images

It is unclear where the craft were launched from, and though many suspected they must have come from another unit in the Navy, its Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, which is responsible for drone operations, confirmed the drones were not theirs.


Documentary filmmaker Dave Beaty first reported about the events last year, though initial details centered on the drones’ encounters with the USS Kidd.

The Drive notes that its own findings ‘significantly expand the public’s knowledge of the scope and severity of that incident and reveal others that occurred around the same time’, with details based on the FOIA requests as well as the use of automatic identification system ship location data.

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