Ukip On The Verge Of Financial Ruin As 12,500 Members Jump Ship


It seems Nigel Farage could be in deep water as champions of our national pride Ukip have suffered a massive slump in membership and are now facing financial ruin. 

Reports in the Mail on Sunday claim that since the general election, membership of the party has dropped by around 12,500 members, wiping around £300,000 from its annual revenue.

Insiders have revealed that Ukip top dog Nigel Farage has been forced to call supporters begging for a financial lifeline, while one party source blamed the drop in support on the u-turn by Farage in which he resigned as leader only to reinstate himself shortly afterwards.

The situation has reportedly been made worse after the party’s biggest donor, Aaron Banks, was noted as channelling funds away from Ukip and into his own campaign for the UK to leave the European Union.

This crisis contrasts to the start of the year, when big money donors pledged millions to help their anti-EU stance. Around £3 million was handed to Ukip in the first four months of 2015 – compared to just £200,000 in the three months following the election.

In June, the Independent on Sunday reported Ukip had “lost control” of its finances during the general election campaign and had developed a funding gap of more than £500,000, sparking rumours that the party would be forced to abandon its expensive central London headquarters.

A party spokesman told the Mail:

As we are no longer the only game in town, we have to try harder to attract supporters, but our members know that without Ukip there would have been no referendum for Leave.EU to campaign in.

Or maybe 12,500 of your members have decided that supporting Ukip is a waste of their time and don’t want to donate any more of their hard earned cash to your dying party. Time will tell.