Ukrainian Mayoral Candidate Has Raunchy Striptease Video Leaked Days Before Election


This is Valeria Prokopenko, she is 21, an unemployed law graduate, and she wants to be Mayor of the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

It is believed the video below was leaked by a rival candidate who wanted to damage Prokopenko’s credibility in the build up to Sunday’s election. If that is true the suspected rival may well have scored an own goal.

The 21-year-old can be seen strutting around an apartment, seductively putting on makeup, and flashing a hint of skin to the camera.

Prokopenko has responded by claiming the video was part of an application for the ‘Miss Olymp’ beauty contest and that she never expected the footage to be seen publicly.

Obviously it is not fair to judge her candidacy based on the footage, she may well have some damn good policies, but it will certainly have done her no harm with one demographic.

Hopefully Donald trump isn’t getting any ideas.