UN Chief Antonio Guterres Praises Pope Francis’s Endorsement Of Same-Sex Civil Unions

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Oct 2020 17:33
UN Chief Antonio Guterres Praises Pope Francis's Endorsement Of Same-Sex Civil UnionsPA Images/Pixabay

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has praised Pope Francis for endorsing same-sex civil unions, saying it is is an ‘extremely welcome’ view. 

The Pope sparked celebration from the LGBTQ+ community for the comments he made in the feature-length documentary Francesco, in which he stated that homosexual people ‘have the right to be in a family’ and that the church had to have a ‘civil union law’ to allow gay people to be ‘legally covered’.


Pope Francis is still opposed to gay marriage, but his endorsement of civil unions is a huge step forward from the church’s previous teachings about same-sex relationships.

Pope Francis Abolishes Rule That Protects Paedophiles In Catholic ChurchPA Images

Guterres, a devout Catholic, was among those celebrating the comments, which he described as ‘a clear demonstration of a fundamental principle’ – the principle of nondiscrimination.

Speaking in New York, he added:


One of the things that has been very clear in the UN doctrine on this is that non-discrimination is also relevant in the questions of sexual orientation

So this is decision of the Pope is, of course, extremely welcome from our perspective.

Antonio GuterresPA Images

A spokesperson for Guterres cited by The Guardian added that the UN chief himself had ‘spoken out very forcefully against homophobia in favour of LGBTQ rights, that people should never be persecuted or discriminated against just for who they love’, and noted that Pope Francis’s comments were ‘a very positive move’.

The Pope’s endorsement of same-sex marriage came after his show of support for LGBTQ+ children last month, when he told parents that God loves their children the way they are. 


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