Incredible Airsoft Player Kills Whole Team Without A Weapon


Airsoft to me is no more than just a name. I know it has something to do with grown men firing toy guns but that’s about it. 

If there’s anything I’ve learnt about it in the past five minutes it’s that if I ever get around to having a game, I want this guy on my team.

And that guy is Don – who is, essentially a Don of airsoft.


For those of you who don’t know the rules of Airsoft, essentially there are numerous different games you can play, and to take out an enemy you just need to shoot them once with your gun or tap them on the back – if you can get that close.

Sneaking up on the enemy and tapping them out like some rogue Sam Fisher is known as a silent kill, and judging by the below video it’s one of Don’s specialities.

So without further ado check out the clip of Don wiping out an entire team with silent kills below. It’s quite the video.

Airsoft apparently hit the world back in the early 70’s over in Japan, using guns that were so similar looking to real guns that they are legally classed as a realistic imitation firearm (RIF) by the government to this day.

This classic clip was originally uploaded back in 2016 but recently it’s gone viral again – and I don’t think it’s hard to see why.