Shocking Footage Shows London Policeman Smashing Car Windscreen


This footage definitely is not police procedure.

After asking the driver to get out of the car only once, this London policeman starts violently grabbing the car window and then brutally smashes the windscreen.

In a completely unprofessional and intimidating fashion, the policeman shouts and bangs extremely hard on the window and windscreen, before getting a knife and sawing through the crack.

You have to see it to believe it:

The Mirror reports that the footage is thought to have been taken recently in London by a man inside the car who repeatedly assures the officer he has a license and insurance.

The officer shouts at the man “You’re not allowed to drive it”, before swinging a baton at the car four times.

As the policeman smashes the window, the driver says:

“You’re smashing this for no reason. Look, look what they are doing to my car.”

The footage then shows the policeman go to the front of the car and starts smashing up the windscreen.

The driver asks why he is not allowed to drive the car, and the policeman responds, “You’re disqualified. You’re not allowed to drive”.


After the police officer saws through the windscreen, the driver gets out the car and is quickly told to ‘relax’ by another policeman.

The driver says that he is recording for his own safety and when he asks to the officer “Do you know what you just done?”, he replies:

I’ve done absolutely nothing, I just need to know who you are.


As the footage ends, the driver tells the police his name is Leon, to which the officer responds: “Leon that’s it. I’ve not seen you in a long time fella.”

The video went viral after it was shared by a former member of the music group So Solid Crew.

The Metropolitan Police have been approached for comment but not yet replied.