Uncharted 4 Running In 1080p/60fps Would Look Like This


Uncharted 4 is an astonishingly pretty game – it wouldn’t be a massive stretch to suggest that it’s one of the best looking console games ever, in fact.

So of course, when it was announced that Nathan Drake’s final adventure (for now) would be getting a patch for the souped up, 4K ready PS4 Pro, I was intrigued (as I’m sure were many others).

2886491-uncharted-4_drake-sam-survivedNaughty Dog

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Sony confirmed that Uncharted 4 on Pro will remain at 30fps. While it’ll still be a breathtakingly beautiful experience on the new machine, I can’t help but wander – what if?

Thankfully, Eurogamer’s own Digital Foundry have put together a fantastic video that answers that very question.

So how does Uncharted 4 look when it’s running at 60fps in 1080p?

I think we all know the answer: Fucking incredible – take a look at the Madagascar car chase scene below (mind you whack those quality settings up as far as they’ll go).

Again, Uncharted 4 doesn’t run at 60fps – Uncharted 4 does not run at 60 fps. What you’re actually seeing is the game running on a PS4 with the slow-mo mode enabled, with the footage then sped up 200 percent.

Eurogamer credits NeoGAF user Kanuuna for this wonderful little trick, and it’s them you should track down if you fancy even more of this type of thing.


The audience reaction to the PS4 Pro was underwhelming, at best. Can you imagine if they’d used something like this as a sales pitch? What might have been…