Uncharted 4’s Latest Free DLC Brings New Maps And Modes


The Uncharted 4 DLC fairies continue to sprinkle their free content all over us, this time bringing new weapons, maps, modes, and more for the multiplayer side of things. 

The Bounty Hunter DLC is available to download now, and is one of the biggest multiplayer updates developer Naughty Dog has ever produced.


Fans of Uncharted 2 will be pleased to see that the village is making a comeback – apparently it was one of the most requested maps from the Uncharted 4 community, and it has – of course – been rebuilt from the ground up to make the most of the PS4.

Another big addition is the new mode: Bounty Hunter. In a nutshell, two teams compete to get the best score by picking up ‘Bounties’ from downed players.

Throughout the match, players are also randomly assigned the role of Captain, which means they’ll drop a much higher bounty than anyone else – sounds interesting.

There’s also a brand new ‘cinema replay’ feature, allowing players to capture their best moments and put together their own original videos – check out the trailer below.

Finally, a few new weapons, boosters, and mysticals have been included to help keep things fresh. You can see the full list just below:


  • DC Single Action — Semi-Automatic Revolver
  • RKL-155 — Fully Automatic mid Pistol
  • Lowe-S – Assault Rifle
  • Harrison 1890 – Lever Action Rifle
  • US-AN 12 – Automatic Shotgun (Heavy Weapon)


  • Lock ‘n Load — Put ammo from pickups immediately in your clip
  • Undisturbed — Hold a charge melee while rolling and climbing
  • Silent Assassin — Take out the enemy without the other their team knowing
  • Weapons Expert — Aim your weapon while vaulting, falling, jumping


  • Shield of Asgard — Reduces incoming damage for a brief period

Naughty Dog continue to bring a steady stream of multiplayer content, but there’s also a single player expansion on the way – for now, this remains shrouded in mystery.