Uncharted 4’s Nathan Drake Voice Actor On ‘Role Of A Lifetime’


Uncharted 4 marks the final chapter in the treasure hunting adventure series, and the last outing for Nathan Drake, one of modern gaming’s most popular characters.

Voice actor Nolan North has lent his pipes to the protagonist for the better part of a decade, and he’s now opened up on the experience of playing everyone’s favourite male tomb raider.

In a new video from the PlayStation YouTube channel, North described the job as “surreal”. He’s been with the role since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune landed in 2007, and is, for my money, one of the best in the business.

North said:

You never think you’re going to get the job of a lifetime. And then something like this comes along.

North went on to say that he had no idea there would be more games after Drake’s Fortune, and described the end of his time as Drake as “bittersweet” but reflected that it had been a great ride.

A couple of North’s other notable rolls include the Penguin in Batman: Arkham Knight, and David in The Last of Us, which he popped up in alongside Troy Baker, who also appears in Uncharted 4 as Nathan’s long lost brother Sam.

Baker also features in the interview, and described how he was a long time fan of the Uncharted franchise before ever getting the call to do number four.


Baker joked:

All I wanted to do was I wanted to be one of the red shirts that Nathan Drake kills. All I wanted to do was that. I remember where I was when Neil Druckmann called me. He said, ‘I gotta bring you in; how do you feel about playing Nathan Drake’s brother?’ And I told him, ‘Don’t mess with me, man; don’t lie to me if this isn’t going to be true.

The 12 minute interview is well worth a watch – check it out below.

While Uncharted 4 is the end of Nathan Drake’s adventures and the last one from Naughty Dog, it’s been said that Uncharted 5 could still come from another developer.