Undercover Officers Tackle Man With Suspicious Package In Wigan


Undercover armed police have tackled a man to the floor who allegedly approached a bus with a suspicious package.

Pictures have emerged of a man in a white polo shirt being frogmarched by police having been pinned to the ground.

It is believed that the male approached the bus stop with, what’s been described as a suspicious package, before being manhandled by a group of officers, reports the Daily Mail.

Rumours of shots being fired are reportedly false, with the witness stating:

People stop saying that someone has been shot. There haven’t not been any shots been fired by police.

They got a man with a suspect package.

There has been no shooting in Wigan, armed and undercover police have detained a man with a suspect package.

The arrest is said to have taken place on Upper Dicconson Street, in Wigan.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that the arrest is in connection with the Manchester suicide bomb attack.

They have also confirmed that the package is under assessment.