Unemployed Reality TV Star Claims He’s ‘Too Famous To Get A Job’


Recognise this guy? No, me either, but apparently he thinks he is ‘too famous’ to work in a ‘f*cking fish shop’.

Grant Coulson, who briefly appeared on Geordie Shore and some dating show, was talking to presenters Rylan Clark-Neal and Sarah Greene during an appearance on This Morning.

He also believes he should receive a brand new set of shiny white teeth on the NHS, to help him achieve his dreams of a presenting job on TV.

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Grant said:

I left the call centre to go into reality TV shows and then when I did get a job I was just recognised straight away by the employer and managers.

I wasn’t allowed to go on staff nights out in case a client saw us. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with work colleagues.

Oh Grant, the struggle is real.

Rylan and Sarah were having absolutely none of it and ran a number of vacancies around Newcastle by him – including a job in Foot Locker, bars and even a fish shop so he could pay for his teeth himself.


Rylan then told Grant the show had contacted a bar who could offer him work despite his fame and while he doesn’t seem too enthused about the idea, he made it clear how it’s better than the other options.

He responded:

I couldn’t work in a fucking fish shop though.

Rylan was forced to make an apology to the audience, but it was too late…

Oh dear…