Unfortunate Shopper Discovers ‘Slug-Like Alien’ In Her Apple Juice

Mercury Press

Well, this is grim.

One shopper was pretty disgusted when she discovered there was a slimy, alien-like creature lurking in the bottom of her carton of Tesco apple juice.

Lorna Fisher said she and her boyfriend actually drank all of the tasty treat from the Basingstoke store before they realised something was wrong. That’s unfortunate…

Mercury Press

She said:

It looked a bit funny when we poured it out but my boyfriend reckoned it was just cloudy because we hadn’t shaken it. Then we drank it. It was completely horrible. It tasted rancid, like off cider. Straight away I went and cut the box open and there was this thing that just looked like an alien at the bottom. It made me feel sick just looking at it, knowing that we’d just drank some. It was well within date too. I won’t be buying that drink again!

She subsequently complained to Tesco on Facebook and they apologised.


But Lorna wasn’t particularly contented by the refund Tesco offered her, not least because they avoided her suggestion to “kill it with fire”, but primarily because a few coins wouldn’t “fix the psychological damage” caused.


Seriously, what is this thing? Is it the beginning of the end? Should we be preparing to welcome our slug overlords?

Well, probably not. The disgusting blob is most likely to be mould, as when apple juice goes off it forms slimy globules like this.

Not that this news is of particular comfort given that the juice was still within its sell-by date. We’ll never look at apples in quite the same way again, quite frankly…