Unfortunate Woman Finds Whole Load Of NOPE Crawling In Her Woolworths Salad

by : UNILAD on : 06 Feb 2016 14:34
Zoe Perry/Facebook

When this poor Aussie woman bought a fresh bag of salad from her local Woolworths, she really wasn’t expecting to find some extra very fresh produce crawling around inside.

Sydney woman Zoe Perry grabbed an ‘Italian Salad Mix’ when, to her horror, she spotted a huge huntsman spider lurking in the bag among the leaves.

Given that she describes herself as an arachnophobe, she understandably freaked the f*ck out upon spotting the hairy salad dweller.


Fortunately, she had the foresight to get the horrible incident on film and created a terrifying Vine for the ages.

After sharing the footage on social media, numerous users were quick to inform her that she needed to ‘kill it with fire’ and then burn down her entire house to ensure it didn’t survive. Seems like a reasonable reaction…

According to the Daily Mail, the major supermarket chain has recently recalled certain salad products because of a possible Salmonella outbreak on a supplier’s property, although conspiracy theorists were quick to question whether the truth was that there were creepy-crawlies lurking in all the bags.

Sam Lester/Facebook

Given that, just hours later, Sam Lester, who lives in Brisbane, posted a photo on his Facebook page of a dead cockroach inside his own salad box bought at Woolworths, maybe those theories carry more weight than first thought?

A Woolworths spokesperson said pre-packaged lettuce suppliers wash, blow dry, shake and visually inspect the lettuce, adding:

The customer has been contacted and an investigation is currently underway. We immediately sent a food quality expert to the processing facility to see what additional measures can be put in place to minimise the chance of this happening again.


Maybe the guys just wanted to add some extra crunch/danger to their salads?

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