Unfortunately, Flamethrowers Might No Longer Be Available For Personal Use In Detroit


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One official in Detroit is trying to get flamethrowers banned, because he thinks they will be used by people to do ‘bad things’.

Quite what these ‘bad things’ are isn’t exactly elaborated on, but considering Warren Mayor Jim Fouts seems to think they’re one up from the devil himself, it must be pretty bad.

The flamethrowers are being sold online by two separate companies, located in the Detroit area and Cleveland, and the official wants them off the market.


He wants the devices banned, because they can cause damage and destruction, and are harmful, and has called them ‘silly’.

Mayor Fouts said: “You know something like this will be used by bad people for bad things.”

If the ruling goes through, violators would face a charge that’s punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 (£318) fine.