Uni Students Spark Riot As They Hunt Creepy Clowns


The creepy clown phenomenon that is sweeping the US hit Penn State University causing a mass panic of students.

Dozens of students began chanting in the street, wielding tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats and hockey sticks.

The students were hunting the Penn State Clown and were getting regular updates from the short-lived Twitter account.


One student posted on Twitter:

3 Clowns spotted at PSU allegedly. So naturally 6,000 kids mob the streets to hunt it down. I love Penn State.

The clown was running rings around them by the looks of it…

It is thought that these incidents in America are inspiring Britain’s recent bout of strange circus characters.

The bizarre craze left children across Newcastle “incredibly distressed”, and Northumbria Police have received six separate clown reports since Friday.


Parents and teachers are unimpressed with the pranks, which are fueled by social media and online videos.

I really hope this craze doesn’t come to Manchester. I definitely wouldn’t handle it well.