Unicyclist Performing Tricks On 840Ft Chimney Will Make You Very, Very Dizzy


Get ready for your stomach to churn – this guy is fucking insane.

Serial daredevil Flaviu Cernescu has succeeded in giving us all a serious fear of heights after performing a series of dangerous tricks on top of an 840ft chimney.

The CET Targu Jiu chimney is one of the tallest structures in Romania, but that didn’t stop the 34-year-old from riding a unicycle around it.

The vertigo-inducing footage also shows Cernescu juggling across the chimney and hanging from the middle of it with only one hand. Keep in mind this is all done with no safety equipment.

Speaking with The Sun, Cernescu said:

I’ve been riding unicycles now for about 12 years and have been slowly working on riding on narrow and tall things.

Riding on huge stuff like this chimney requires some big mental relaxation and correct visual focus.

Wondering why the hell someone would hang from a metal girder in the middle of a 840ft chimney?

The daredevil addressed that:

While doing the juggling & unicycle stunts I crossed the beams maybe 20 times, which made me feel comfortable with the structure.

Before leaving the spot I checked for a good place to grip my hand and decided to go for it.

While this was definitely my highest one arm hang yet, it wasn’t any different to others I did lower.

It goes without saying that you should definitely not try this at home.