Unlucky MP Falls Into Massive Sewer During Live Interview

by : UNILAD on : 18 May 2016 13:36


An unlucky Indian MP was injured after falling into a sewer midway through a live interview.


Poonam Maadam was discussing a demolition drive in the Jalaramnagar area of Mumbai, when the footbridge she was standing on collapsed. She fell eight feet.

The 40-year-old member of parliament fell into the sewer below along with four other people standing next to her.


Thankfully, people were quick to rush to the aid of the MP and pulled her from the gutter. When she reemerged, she was carried to an ambulance and was left with a four-inch gash to her head, as well as injuries to her shoulders, and legs.


She was then rushed to a local hospital, before being airlifted to Mumbai for further treatment, The Indian Express reports.

A spokesperson from Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai told The Indian Express that the MP was in a stable condition after being treated.


They said: “A team of doctors attended to her immediately, and administered stitches and further treatment. Her condition is stable and she is currently under observation.”

Two other people were also reported injured in the accident.

Apparently, the accident occurred because the sewer was covered by a loosely fit, thin concrete layer.

Luckily, Poonam’s injuries weren’t serious.

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