Urban Myth Confirmed As Ancient Tunnels Discovered Beneath Mexican City


Exciting news if you are a follower of urban legends or colonial Mexican history; tunnels long rumoured to lie beneath the city of Puebla have been found.

They were found during the execution of public works at the heart of the city, with four separate entrances being uncovered so far.

Early reports are suggesting the tunnel network could reach roughly 10KM in length, and date as far back as 1531.

A whole new can of worms is opened too in what they were used for.

Sergio Vergara Bermejo, Manager of Cultural Heritage and Historical Center of Puebla, has suggested that Churches who wanted to communicate in secret may have used the tunnels.

Not quite a blockbuster movie yet, but just you wait until Dan Brown gets his hands on it and Tom Hanks arrives for filming.

City Mayor Tony Gali has already set funds aside to excavate and maintain the underground city, with a view to opening the site to the public.

But until then the location of the tunnels has not been disclosed, and the mystery momentarily survives.