US Drop Bombs On Korean Border After Missile Test

South Korean Defense Ministry

The US has flown stealth fighters and dropped bombs on the Korean peninsula in a show of force.

In the wake of North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, four F-35B stealth fighters and two B-1B bombers participated in the exercise which aimed to ‘demonstrate the deterrence capability of the US-South Korea alliance against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats’.

Tensions between the nations are high with North Korea saying the latest round of UN sanctions imposed upon it represents ‘the most vicious, unethical and inhumane act of hostility’ and are an attempt to ‘physically exterminate the people’ that live there.

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The US jets flew alongside four South Korean fighters as part of ‘routine’ training which will continue.

Flying across the Korean Peninsula, they practised attacks by releasing live weapons on to a firing range in South Korea.

In a statement the US Pacific Command said:

During the mission, US and ROKAF aircraft flew across the Korean Peninsula and practiced their attack capabilities by releasing live weapons at the Pilsung Range training area.

The F-35Bs, B-1B bombers and Koku Jieitai fighters flew together over waters near Kyushu, Japan.

US Pacific Command maintains the ability to respond to any threat in the Indo-Asia-Pacific theater at a moment’s notice.

South Korean Defense Ministry

This is the second time South Korea and the US have practised a precision-bombing mission with live shells.

Pressure has been increasing on the North since Kim Jong-un’s regime tested a hydrogen bomb many times more powerful than its previous device.

The subject is set to dominate US President Donald’s Trump address to the UN General Assembly later this week.