US Election 2020: Biden Has Just Overtaken Trump In Pennsylvania Count

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US Election 2020: Biden Has Just Overtaken Trump In Pennsylvania CountPA Images

Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in the lead for Pennsylvania in the US election, thanks to a huge dump of more than 30,000 mail-in votes.

Biden is now 5,587 votes ahead of Trump, after the state counted more than 30,000 mail-in votes – 87% of them in the Democrats’ favour.


If the Democratic Party candidate does win the state, it will earn him a further 20 Electoral College points, taking him comfortably over the 270 required to win the presidency. Trump cannot physically make up enough points to be re-elected as POTUS if he does not gain the support of Pennsylvania.

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As it stands, Biden sits with 264 confirmed electoral points – according to The Associated Press who have called Arizona – while Trump follows in the rear with 214 confirmed points, however it all hangs in the balance over a few key swing states.

Up until just now, Biden was trailing Trump in Pennsylvania by just 18,000 votes, however a recent count in mail-in votes has seen former vice president take the lead.


Earlier today, November 6, it was announced that Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, still had some 50,000 mail-in votes to count.

US Election 2020: Biden Has Just Overtaken Trump In Pennsylvania CountPA Images

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It comes after Biden just recently took a small lead in another key state Georgia, sweeping past Trump with just 1,097 votes ahead at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina’s official counts to come in, with the latter saying it could be as long as next Thursday, November 12, before all the results are counted.


For one reason or another, the general consensus this year has been that Democrat-voters have mostly opted to send their votes in by post, while Republicans turned up in their millions to poling stations all around the country. This is mainly cited to the fact that Trump urged Republicans to show up and vote in person, while more Democrats opted to stay at home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

US Election 2020: Biden Has Just Overtaken Trump In Pennsylvania CountPA Images

This was clear to see in states such as Ohio, where they opted to count mail-in votes first. While Ohio is a typically red state, Biden came in with the lead at he beginning, but was quickly overtaken by Trump, when counters began making their way through the in person ballots.

Unless the state of Pennsylvania sees a resurgence in votes for Trump, it’s looking increasingly likely that Biden will be crowned president. However Trump has made it clear he will start legal challenges in all the states claimed by Biden.


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