US Election 2020: Joe Biden Wins Arizona, First Battleground State To Flip To Democrat

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Nov 2020 08:11
US Election 2020: Joe Biden Wins Arizona, First Battleground State To Flip To DemocratPA

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has won Arizona and its 11 electoral votes, marking the first battleground state to flip to Democrat during this US election.

President Donald Trump won Arizona four years ago, and it’s believed this state could help determine which candidate ends up in the White House.


This victory comes just after Trump publicly vowed to take the electoral results to the Supreme Court to dispute the delayed counts in a bid to ensure he wins.

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Biden’s victory in Arizona marks a significant blow for Trump’s hopes for re-election, with Arizona having backed a Democratic presidential candidate just once in the past 72 years.

As per AP, Arizona was a focus of the Biden campaign as part of its expanded battleground map throughout the Sun Belt states, looking at changes to demographics, residents and a realignment away from Republicans among key suburban voters.


Arizona is one of more than half a dozen states that will help determine which of the two presidential candidates achieves the 270 electoral votes needed for a presidential victory.

As reported by AZ Central, the last time Arizona voted for a Democratic president was in 1996, during Bill Clinton’s presidential re-election. Before that, the state hadn’t voted Democrat since 1948, when President Harry Truman won Arizona.


Biden has also proven to be victorious in Maine, winning the popular vote in the northeastern state, as well as at least three out of the four electoral votes.

As reported by AP, Biden has won the state-wide tally as well as the 1st Congressional District, said to be good for three electoral votes.

President Trump had hoped to claim one electoral vote in the 2nd Congressional District, a vote that hasn’t yet been called.

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In 2016, three electoral votes were awarded to Democrat Hillary Clinton and one to Trump, who carried the more rural and conservative congressional districts of Maine.

The last election marked the first time in Maine’s history that the state had divided its electoral votes. The only other US state to do this is Nebraska.

As of 8am UK time, Biden has 238 electoral votes while President Trump has 213 after 449 electoral votes were counted across the US. In order to secure a win, a candidate must get 270 electoral votes.

Speaking to supporters at the White House after the polls closed, President Trump falsely claimed he had beaten Biden to win the presidency, alleging he had won key swing states that had not yet officially declared their results.


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