U.S Marine Knocks Mate Out Cold With Savage ‘Secret Neck Chop’

by : UNILAD on : 07 Mar 2017 16:52

This marine’s perfectly executed ‘brachial stun’ sent his pal into a deep sleep.


Two U.S Marines – or jarheads, if you prefer that term – were horsing around in their dormitory barracks when one of them decided to demonstrate the mythical ‘death’ maneuver on his fellow war buddy.

He was casually explaining how to pull the move off when his friend encouraged him to just do the move on him. Happy to oblige, the marine in question took a few moments to get himself ready before striking right on the side of his neck.

It was like if Ric Flair did his signature chest chop – except it was on his neck, cause you can definitely let out a ‘Woooo’ with the way his friend drops like a sack of potatoes.


Viewers were left baffled as to how such a minuscule looking move could be so devastating, however one person was on hand to offer information as to why it’s so effective.

He explained:

What is happening here is a strike to the carotid sinus which is where the common carotid artery splits into the external and internal carotid arteries…

In that sinus is something called a baroreceptor. Baroreceptors keep tabs on blood pressure, specifically blood pressure in the blood going to the brain. Your body wants to keep that pretty even.

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He continued:

When you whack it, your body thinks it’s got a blood pressure spike going on, so it widens (vasodialates) a lot of your blood vessels around the body to compensate for this perceived BP spike. As a result, your blood pressure quickly drops and you pass out.

Your body pretty quickly figures out what is going on and brings you back in a few seconds though. That being said, don’t do this to your friends.

Ninety-nine times out of 100 it goes fine, but there is always a risk of causing serious injury. Don’t be stupid.

We hoped he learnt his lesson because to quote Chris Tucker’s character Smokey in Friday: “You got knocked the fuck out man!”.


Sleep tight sweet prince.

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