US Marines Teach These UFC Fighters A Thing Or Two


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Imagine two of the toughest sets of people around. Marines and UFC fighters must make the top ten, seeing them fight each other, to see who comes out on top, is pretty special indeed.

That is exactly what we are able to do, after UFC pros Marcus Davis, Gonzaga, Brian Stann and the organisation’s president Dana White – along with former Marine turned UFC pro Forrest Griffin, went down to the Virginia’s Marine Corps ‘Martial Arts Centre of Excellence’ to see just what happened when you watch a Marine in action.

Oh, and when you pit them against a UFC fighter too of course.


Needless to say, the Marines didn’t hold anything back, and came off far better than the UFC fighters, giving them a pretty rough beating.

Obviously there was no eye gouging or head-butts, unlike in the Octagon, but pretty much everything else was on the table, although the UFC fighters probably regretted that by the end…