Black US Capitol Rioter Denied Bail Despite Many Others Being Released

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Black US Capitol Rioter Denied Bail Despite Many Others Being ReleasedCleavon_MD/Twitter/PA Images

The riots at the Capitol shocked the world, and in the aftermath many have been pleased to see a number of arrests – but it seems that not everyone is being treated equally. 

Emanuel Jackson, 20, is a Black man who took part in the violent Capitol riots, and afterwards turned himself into the authorities and confessed to using a baseball bat to hit police riot shields as they forced their way into the building. While many other rioters have been arrested, Jackson is one of the few to be refused to bail.


Safe to say, people are wondering the reasoning behind this inconsistency.

Jackson faces five federal charges in connection with the riot. As a result, he is being kept at a correctional treatment facility before his preliminary hearing begins next month. Defence Attorney Brandi Harden has also noted that Jackson had been recently homeless, and was part of a transitional housing program when he turned himself in. Despite this possible reason for denying bail, some have been quick to point out the differences in how other rioters have been treated.

Many have drawn comparisons to White rioters, who were allowed a bond. As a result, some believe that Jackson’s bond denial is part of a racial bias in the justice system.


Family Of US Capitol Rioter Fatally Shot By Officer Now Suing Police

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Whether Jackson will receive a similar sentence to those who committed near-identical crimes remains to be seen. At the moment, the authorities are continuing to make arrests and charge the rioters. In fact, 400 suspects have been identified, and 135 have been arrested. The FBI is also enlisting the help of social media platforms to track down those who attended the riot.

The rioters seem to be largely facing charges related to entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who many felt incited the incident, will face an impeachment hearing.

There will be a hope that all of the rioters will be treated equally during their trials, and there isn’t any bias between the cases. Nonetheless, it seems that onlookers are already concerned about how a young Black man will be treated when compared to his White peers.


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