Catholic Church Raked In $3 Billion Of US Taxpayer’s Money During Pandemic

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Feb 2021 16:29
Catholic Church Raked In $3 Billion Of US Tax Payer's Money During PandemicPA Images

Many businesses and institutions have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems the Catholic Church managed to make a considerable amount of money through government initiatives. 

It has now been revealed how the Catholic Church and its institutions in the US benefited from government funds over the past 12 months. While all workers who could not carry out their daily tasks should undoubtedly have the means to live on, some are concerned that the church has actually made more than in previous years.


The diocese’s headquarters, churches and schools reportedly managed to secure at least $3 billion in additional funding from the government, despite having $100 million in investments readily available. The church managed to gain money from the government through the Paycheck Protection Program that helps businesses maintain employee wages through loans.

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Many now feel the church should return the money, as these programs are intended to give relief as the last resort for small businesses. This sentiment has been expressed by those within the diocese as well as those who have looked at the funds that have been attributed.

AP News reports the 47 dioceses that have posted financial statements for the fiscal year all saw growth during the pandemic. For many, this means that the church should no longer be taking taxpayers money.


Check out the video report of the situation:

On top of concerns that the church does not need the money, some have been angered by the institution taking money from the government while closing schools. In response to criticism from churchgoers and publications, the church has given some sweeping statements.

Chieko Noguchi, a bishops conference spokesperson, said:


[The programme is] designed to protect the jobs of Americans from all walks of life, regardless of whether they work for for-profit or nonprofit employers, faith-based or secular.

While the Catholic Church has managed to increase its profits, other companies like Shake Shack returned the money when they could draw from cash that they already had available.

According to AP News’ analysis of data the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Roman Catholic Church could be the biggest beneficiary of the paycheck program.

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