Democrat Tim Ryan Slams Republicans Asking Them To ‘Stop Talking About Dr Seuss And Work With Us’

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Democrat Slams Republicans Asking Them To 'Stop Talking About Dr Seuss And Work With Us'C-SPAN

Democratic Representative Tim Ryan slammed members of the Republican party for wasting time stoking culture wars in a fiery speech at the US House.

Ryan had been listening to members of the Republican party take aim at a proposed bill, Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which would expand support for labour unions.


Unable to contain his fury, Ryan slammed Republicans for their unwillingness to help US workers and their preoccupation with matters such as a publisher’s decision to remove Dr Seuss books.

‘Heaven forbid we pass something that’s gonna help the damn workers in the United States of America. Heaven forbid we tilt the balance that has been going in the wrong direction for 50 years,’ he began.

‘We talk about pensions, you complain. We talk about the minimum wage increase, you complain. We talk about giving them the right to organise, you complain,’ he said, imploring his colleagues to shift their focus to helping those struggling during the pandemic.


‘But if we were passing a tax cut here you’d be all getting in line to vote yes for it. Now stop talking about Dr Seuss and start working with us on behalf of the American workers,’ he shouted.

Earlier this year, The Dr Seuss estate announced it would cease publication of six of his books due to racist tropes. The decision has sparked controversy, with many Republicans blaming Democrats for the emergency of a ‘cancel culture’.

In protest of the move, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy even went as far as recording a five-minute video of himself reading Green Eggs and Ham, a title that was not removed.


‘It’s gonna take Republicans a few weeks to realise how badly they got rolled on the COVID bill while they wasted all their precious time and energy whining about Dr. Seuss,’ Amanda Carpenter, a former adviser to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, said on Twitter.

Separately, a former Trump aide, Stephen Miller, took to Twitter to defend the Royal Family after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told Oprah Winfrey that they had heard concerns over the colour of their son Archie’s skin.

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Alex Conant, a political operative and media strategist who worked for the Republican National Committee in 2009, told Associated Press that the opposition’s focus on culture wars, as opposed to the new president, is because Biden is a difficult target.


‘There’s just not the antipathy to Biden like there was Obama. He just doesn’t drive conservative outrage. They never talk about Biden. It’s amazing. I think Fox covered Dr. Seuss more than Biden’s stimulus bill in the week leading up to the vote,’ he said.

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