Fox News Anchor Slammed For ‘Despicable’ Stunt Giving Out ‘Acting Awards’ To Capitol Hill Police

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Fox News Anchor Slammed For 'Despicable' Stunt Giving Out 'Acting Awards' To Capitol Hill PolicePA

There have been calls for Fox News to be taken off the air after news anchors Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson mocked officers who were involved in the Capitol riot.

The Capitol riots shocked the world after former president Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection at the heart of American democracy. In this incident, a police officer was killed while rioters stormed the Capitol building. On the back of this, world leaders around the world condemned the violent far-right for being behind the riots.


However, Fox News took a different approach, and after claiming it was Antifa who was behind the violence and then the FBI, the hosts of the programme began taking a sympathetic tone for those arrested.

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Fox News has now been slammed for mocking officers who detailed their experience of the riot. Officers Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell, Michael Fanone, and Daniel Hodges all testified in court about the racial and physical abuse they endured during the incident.

However, Laura Ingraham and the team at Fox News thought that these officers should be mocked, and gave out acting awards to the officers.


Officer Harry Dunn recalled the abuse he received saying that he was called the N-word after trying to reason with the protestors. Dunn reportedly attempted to tell protestors that the vote was not stolen, saying, ‘‘Well, I voted for Joe Biden. Does my vote not count? Am I nobody?’ However, ‘That prompted a torrent of racial epithets.’ Ingraham thought this was funny and awarded Dunn ‘Best Political Performance’.


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Ingraham stated, ‘The award for blatant use of party politics when facts fail, the Angle award goes to Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn.’ The host also mocked Aquilino Gonell by saying that the winner of a ‘Best Exaggerated Performance’ trophy was ‘Aquilino Gonell, who thinks the pen is literally mightier than the sword’.


However, many were shocked most by the statements made by Tucker Carlson. The host laughed at DC Police Officer Michael Fanone for noting he had ‘been left with psychological trauma and emotional anxiety’. This officer had been beaten and suffered a heart attack during the attack.

As the video of the footage shows, Fox News incorrectly claimed that Democrats were selecting officers to paint a bad picture of the Republican party, despite the fact that the vast majority of the world had been appalled by the behaviour of the party’s presidential candidate during the election.

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