Joe Biden Has Removed Donald Trump’s Diet Coke Button

by : Saman Javed on : 21 Jan 2021 19:40
Joe Biden Has Removed Donald Trump's Diet Coke ButtonPA

As Joe Biden makes himself at home in his new role, one of his first moves has been removing Donald Trump’s Diet Coke from the desk of the Oval Office.

When pressed, the button, which catered to Trump’s love of the soda, would alert a butler to bring him a glass of the fizzy drink.


While a president of one of the world’s wealthiest country’s being that enamoured with Diet Coke that he felt the need to have instant access to it with the press of a button may seem absurd to many, Trump confirmed its function in a 2018 interview with the Financial Times.

After a reporter joked about whether the button could unleash a weapon, Trump said: ‘No no, everyone thinks it. Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button.’

The button has also made its appearance sometimes before this, in 2017, when an Associated Press reporter went to the White House to interview the former president.


‘Midway through my interview with President Donald Trump, he reached over and pressed a red button on his desk in the Oval Office. It didn’t trigger a nuclear launch or send advisers scurrying into the room. Instead, a White House butler walked in with a single glass of Diet Coke on a silver tray for the commander in chief,’ Julie Pace wrote.

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The news of Biden marking his territory, and ridding himself of the button, has now been shared by Tom Newton Dunn, a commentator for Times Radio.

‘President Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we became fascinated by what the little red button did. Eventually, Trump pressed it, and a butler swiftly brought in a Diet Coke on a silver platter. It’s gone now,’ he wrote on Twitter.


During his time in office, Trump reportedly enjoyed up to 12 glasses of the drink a day, according to The New York Times.

Biden’s decision to not have instant access to Diet Coke as and when he pleases has left many social media users shocked.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Let’s call this what it is: a catastrophic misstep by the new administration.’


She joked that the only explanation for this huge error in judgment could be that Biden plans to replace the button with one for Coke Zero.

Another agreed: ‘not gonna lie, if I ever became president I would reinstall this button. that’s f*ck*ng rad’.

One user, who referenced Biden’s first speech as President yesterday, January 20, said: ‘What happened to unity?’

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