More Than 100 Republican Security Experts Demand Party Admit Trump Lost Election

by : Mike Williams on : 23 Nov 2020 18:10
More Than 100 Republican Security Experts Demand Party Admit Trump Lost ElectionPA Images

President Donald Trump’s continued refusal to accept his election loss and partake in a peaceful transition of power has been slammed by more than 100 of his own party’s security experts.

The ex-Republican security officials have strongly insisted that Republican leaders convince Trump to concede the election, more than two weeks since Joe Biden was called as the clear winner.


Almost a fortnight ago, a group of ex-Homeland Security chiefs demanded that Trump give up his battle to overthrow the result of the 2020 US election, citing that his refusal to cooperate was harming the country’s national security.

Now, in an official letter obtained by The Washington Post, it states the president’s ‘refusal to concede the election and allow for an orderly transition constitutes a serious threat to America’s democratic process and to our national security’.

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The letter is dated November 23 and is signed by a number of former top-ranking Republican officials, including former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former CIA director Michael Hayden, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and has the backing of dozens of senior officials from various presidential administrations over the years.


In the days after the November 3 election, Trump’s early leads in a number of key states diminished, as the postal ballots – most of which were for Democratic challenger and former VP Biden – saw the president-elect overtake him and eclipse the sitting leader, finally securing the necessary electoral college votes to win.

The Trump campaign then opted to sue a number of states – those which Biden won – in an attempt to claim the entire election had been rigged. Naturally, these lawsuits were thrown out by judges, largely due to a lack of any evidence to support the falsehoods.

This letter also reiterated how dangerous Trump’s refusal to accept the voting outcome was, stating, ‘President Trump’s continued efforts to cast doubt on the validity of the election and to interfere in state electoral processes undermine our democracy and risk long-term damage to our institutions.’

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Further in, the experts say how they ‘strongly oppose’ Trump’s ‘dangerous and extra-legal efforts to intimidate state election officials and distort the electoral college process’, after Trump contacted officials to side with him and oppose validating the final counts.

The 45th president has done everything in his power to undermine the election result, having become the first president to have lost the popular vote, been impeached, and lost re-election.

As of today, Trump still will not admit he lost, only saying that Biden won a ‘rigged election’, which, as we all know, is simply not the case.

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