Trump Claims ‘No Way’ Biden Won Election If You ‘Look At The Facts And The Data’

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Trump Claims 'No Way' Biden Won Election If You 'Look At The Facts And The Data'PA Images

Trump has seen GOP voters support him in his claim that the presidential election was fraudulent.

The presidency of Donald Trump was filled with controversy, but his loss of the office sparked the greatest fallout. The former president refused to accept the vote, incited a riot to stop the democratic exchange of the presidency, and began a series of legal claims to keep his position.


Safe to say, Trump’s claims were all found to be false and there has been no evidence of voter fraud on the side of the Democrats. Although Trump did tell politicians in Georgia to ‘find votes’ for him. Nonetheless, Trump has a new reason to protest the results of the election.

Former POTUS Donald Trump. (PA Images)PA Images

On the back of a poll by CBS News finding that only 67% of Republican voters consider Biden to be the legitimate president, Trump wrote a message to fans.

The message posted on Trump’s website read:


80% of Republicans agree with the removal of Liz Cheney from GOP Leadership and only 20% disagree. The poll also showed that 67% of Republicans said that they do not consider Sleepy Joe Biden to be the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. I agree with them 100%, just look at the facts and the data—there is no way he won the 2020 Presidential Election!

As Trump points out, it’s important to look at the facts and the data in this poll. Republican voters are likely to support the Republican candidate for the presidency and as a result, are more likely to believe that Trump should be president.

Trump (PA Images)PA Images

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Furthermore, this poll does not include the millions of Democrats who may not agree. Combined with the 33% of Republicans who did not believe Trump was cheated, this is a lot of people who don’t hold the claims of Trump as truthful.


Perhaps the most damming fact is that Trump could not find any evidence to support his claims and faces legal battles for defamation from voting system companies.

Trump (PA Images)PA Images

Interestingly, the poll also shows how Republican Liz Cheney lost favour with voters after opposing Trump. The Wyoming lawmaker was voted out of her position of a third-ranking post in the House of Representatives after criticising Trump’s unfounded statements. It’s clear the Republicans surveyed did not like these comments.

Evidently, Trump still has a strong following despite being removed from mainstream social media because he incited violence. However, this does not mean that he was cheated in the election.


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