US Election 2020: At Least 60,000 People Voted For Kanye West

by : Mike Williams on : 04 Nov 2020 10:01

The focus may well be on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but Kanye West managed to scrape some of the votes from both men.

The US election is still very much underway, with a decisive winner yet to be announced as the various counts look set to continue throughout the rest of the week.


However, with rapper Kanye West on the ballot it seemed just about anything was possible in 2020, but sadly it was not to be for the musician and he conceded presidential defeat as the numbers started coming in.

That said, the Gold Digger star did swipe some 60,000 or more votes away from the Republican incumbent president and his challenger, former vice president Biden. Despite never standing a genuine chance of threatening either Trump or Biden, West was hopeful of making a dent in the electoral pattern and, at the very least, shaking things up a little.

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With 270 electoral college votes required to secure the presidency, the battle remains tightly poised between the two main candidates and looks set to remain that way until all the votes are tallied up.


According to Deadline, the All of the Lights artist amassed at least 60,000 votes, with 10,195 – about 0.3% of the state’s voters – coming in Tennessee alone.

Kanye managed to gain more votes than the Constitution Party, the Green Party, and the Socialism and Liberation Party, but he was lagging considerably behind Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party.

The celeb caused a stir on social media yesterday when he not only proudly revealed he’d voted for the first time, but did so for himself – and also videoed it.

The first vote of my life We are here to serve We pray for every servant leader in the world,’ his tweet read.


Obviously, people began replying to inform him that recording his entry was in fact illegal, and to call him a narcissist for using his opportunity to vote for himself.

But fear not, because the rapper then revealed he would he running again next time.

‘KANYE 2024′,’ he captioned the post, which has had some 50,000 retweets and almost a quarter of a million likes at the time of writing.


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