US Sets World Record Daily Coronavirus Cases With 77,300 In One Day

by : Julia Banim on : 17 Jul 2020 17:17
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The US has broken its highest daily record for new coronvirus cases, reporting over 77,300 new infections in the space of 24 hours on Thursday, July 16.


These shocking figures have been published by the Johns Hopkins University tracker, which draws from official government information.

This marks the highest one-day total for the global health crisis, and follows the worst week for the US so far during the pandemic, with each day having seen at least 59,000 new cases.

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The previously held record for the US was on July 10, with 67,800 confirmed new cases having been recorded.

The US has not fared well in the pandemic, with the country marking a total of 3.5 million cases as of Thursday, July 16.

There have also been at least 138,359 confirmed coronavirus related deaths, with the US having seen the highest death toll of any country by a long way. For example, this number is almost twice that of Brazil, which is ranked as the second worst-affected country.

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White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has explained that the staggering rise in new infections is because the country never entered a full shut down.

Speaking with Stanford Medicine’s Dean Lloyd Minor on July 13, Dr Fauci addressed the complicated challenges faced by the US when dealing with this virus.

These challenges include the need for an ‘effective and widespread vaccine’, as well as dealing with insufficient public health infrastructure which is ill equipped for handling the enormous, unprecedented outbreak.

Dr Fauci said:


We did not shut down entirely. We need to draw back a few yards and say, ‘OK, we can’t stay shut down forever’. […] You’ve got to shut down but then you’ve got to gradually open.

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Expressing his confidence that the US will indeed be able to ‘get a handle’ on the situation, Dr Fauci continued:

If we step back, you don’t necessarily need to shut down again. But pull back a bit, and then proceed in a very prudent way, of observing the guidelines of going from step to step.

All you need to do is look at what’s on TV — people in some states who went from shut-down to completely throwing caution to the wind, such as bars that were crowded, people without masks.

There are things you can do now: physically distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, washing hands. Those things, as simple as they are, can turn it around. And I think we can do that. And that’s what we’ve got to do, looking forward.

Dr. Fauci also expressed admiration for the ‘extraordinary talent in our academic medical centres’, noting that, ‘We really need to begin to leverage them more’.

These latest worrying figures come as the White House pushes for schools to reopen across the nation, despite widespread concerns about the safety of pupils and staff.

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