US Spies Predict World Will Become More Volatile, Chaotic, And Divided In Next 20 Years

by : Saman Javed on : 11 Apr 2021 17:34
US Spies Predict World Will Become More Volatile, Chaotic, And Divided In Next 20 YearsPA

The US Intelligence Community has predicted that the world will become more volatile, chaotic and divided by 2040.

A report, published at the end of last month, assesses ‘the key trends and uncertainties’ that will shape the US and other countries in the coming years.


Titled Global Trends: A More Contested World, the report predicts the world is set to face ‘more intense and cascading global challenges ranging from disease to climate change, to disruptions from new technologies and financial crises’.

These challenges are set to cause more chaos and volatility. One area where governments are predicted to struggle is in a ‘growing’ distrust of leaders.

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‘In many countries, people are pessimistic about the future and growing more distrustful of leaders and institutions that they see as unable or unwilling to deal with disruptive economic, technological, and demographic trends,’ the report says.


‘This mismatch between governments’ abilities and publics’ expectations is likely to expand and lead to more political volatility, including growing polarisation and populism within political systems, waves of activism and protest movements, and, in the most extreme cases, violence, internal conflict, or even state collapse,’ it adds.


This mismatch has also been heightened by the coronavirus pandemic, which has highlighted a need for better international coordination, the report finds.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic> has provided a stark example of the weaknesses in international coordination on health crises and the mismatch between existing institutions, funding levels, and future health challenges. Within states and societies, there is likely to be a persistent and growing gap between what people demand and what governments and corporations can deliver,’ it says,


In its exploration of technological advancement, the Intelligence Community predicts that, paradoxically, the internet may be dividing us.

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‘The hyperconnected information environment, greater urbanisation, and interdependent economies mean that most aspects of daily life, including finances, health, and housing, will be more connected all the time,’ the report said.

However, it warned that this connectivity will ‘create and exacerbate tensions at all levels, from societies divided over core values and goals to regimes that employ digital repression to control populations’.


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