USA Fans Call Women’s World Cup Win Over Japan “Revenge” For Pearl Harbour


The internet hit a new low last night when some American “soccer” fans saw the USA’s Women’s World Cup win over Japan as an opportunity to compare the event to the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.

The USA became the only nation to win three Women’s World Cups after a thrilling 5-2 win over Japan in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday night (which included the most baller strike to complete a hat-trick in a final ever, courtesy of Carli Lloyd).

The American public were pretty happy about the win, and millions took to Twitter to share their joy.

Unfortunately, some others took the opportunity to compare a football match to the Second World War because sometimes the internet is a terrible place.

Apparently, some supporters saw the historic win as “revenge” for the attack which brought America into WW2 and pretty soon “Pearl Harbor” was trending on Twitter…

Because #Murica means never having to know what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, we guess.

Thankfully, not everyone was impressed by the behaviour of some U.S fans and quickly called out the disgraceful nature of some of the tweets…