Usain Bolt’s Devastating Injury Caused By London 2017 Organisers Say Jamaican Team


The Jamaican team have blamed event organisers at the London Athletic World Championships for the injury which saw Usain Bolt lose his final race.

The 4×100 relay race started ten minutes later than scheduled after it was delayed by two medal ceremonies and Bolt’s teammate Yohan Blake believes the delay caused Bolt’s injury on Saturday night.

Blake claimed that a combination of the long walk and long wait contributed to Bolt’s injury The Telegraph reports.


Blake claimed: 

I think they were holding us too long in the call room. The walk was too long. Usain was really cold. In fact Usain said to me, ‘Yohan, I think this is crazy’.

It was 40 minutes and two medal presentations before our run. We keep warming up and waiting, then warming up and waiting. I think it got the better of us.

We were over warm. And to see a true legend, a true champion go out there and struggling like that… The race was 10 minutes late, we were kept 40 minutes and it was a 300 metre walk. It was crazy.


Blake wasn’t the only Jamaican team member who believes that the wait affected Bolt’s performance, Omar McLeod said it’s heart-wrenching that Usain wasn’t able to leave ‘golden’.

He went on to add that is was so ridiculous they were made to wait for 45 minutes outside while they had the medal ceremonies.

You can see the moment Biolt was forced to pull up here:

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Dr Kevin Jones, Jamaica’s team doctor, confirmed Bolt’s injury.

He explained that the problem was a cramp in his left hamstring but that the majority of the pain came from losing the race.