Vegan Student Has Raw Liver Thrown At Her In Sleep By Bullies

Melis Layik/Facebook

An Australian student has been forced out of her university accommodation because of a cruel bully, who targeted her because of her vegan diet.

18-year-old Law and Global Studies Melis Layik claims the bully sneaked into her bedroom at Mannix College, Monash University while she slept, before throwing raw liver and offal at her.

He was able to enter the room, uninvited, through the window at around 3am in an incident Melis later described as ‘terrifying’.

Melis Layik

This hasn’t been the only instance. The nasty bully subjected Melis to a relentless campaign of hate, with all his bizarre attacks being meat-related.

Although Melbourne based Melis does not know why the obsessive man decided to make her a target, it does appear he was particularly fixated on her veganism; repeatedly attempting to taunt her with raw meat.

A horse’s heart was left outside her bedroom door, and another time minced chicken was spread grotesquely all over the door itself.

Melis Layik

Shockingly, Melis has claimed five such disturbing incidents had occurred within a nine day period.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, Melis described her feelings at being continuously singled out for abuse:

It seemed to be a random series of attacks which made it all the more upsetting and confusing.

Bullying also took place online, with the bully using social media to write posts and ‘disparaging messages’ about Melis; rudely commenting on her veganism and referring to her as being a ‘stupid vegan’.

Melis Layik

Understandably, Melis no longer feels comfortable staying in her college’s residential accommodation, especially as she feels she has not received adequate support from Mannix College.

Melis has now spoken about how she has found the college’s reaction to her ordeal to be ‘disheartening’:

I had multiple meetings with the administration requesting that they do something but they simply shrugged me off and told me that they had spoken with him.

They closed the matter three weeks ago and I felt too uncomfortable so I moved out.

It was really quite disheartening how they flippantly dismissed the situation.

Melis Layik/Facebook

Although Mannix College is now reportedly investigating the matter, Melis argues they are only doing so after having been contacted by the media.

UNILAD has contacted Mannix College for a response.

Speaking with UNILAD, Melis has made the following statement:

As for the incidents’ impact on me, it’s been an exceptionally hurtful and distressing process.

Following the media coverage, I have have received countless messages of hate from people at the College- some saying I deserved it, others claiming I’m lying and denouncing me for daring to speak out about it.

It’s been very upsetting and isolating, but there has also been resounding support, especially from the vegan community, which has kept me going!

Nobody should feel at risk of bullying in the place where they live, work or study. As we all know, bullies are the worst sort of cowards and have no place at all on a university campus.

All too often, bullying is seen to be a normal part of teenage life and isn’t always addressed in a meaningful or serious way, despite having the potential to seriously impact upon a person’s mental health.

Mannix College must look into this abuse thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t happen again to another student.

Hopefully, Melis will have the chance to enjoy the rest of her university days with kind and supportive flatmates. However, she should not have been put through this ordeal in the first place.

If you have been affected by this story, help is available. Contact the team at BullyingUK at any time for further information.