Vegan Tries To Kick Fur Wearers Out Of Restaurant; It Backfires Massively


Veganism is a growing movement, and for some very good reasons too – this guy is not one of them.

A YouTuber by the name of ‘Veganut’ boasts a lengthy list of videos where he proudly harasses strangers over their non-conformity to his lifestyle choices.

One of his latest videos shows him berating two young women who entered a vegan restaurant over their choice to wear clothing which includes fur.

Check it out…

His issue is that they’re wearing Canada Goose fur, which he alleges is harvested from coyotes which are caught in cruel leg traps – agreed, genuine faux fur would be infinitely more humane and in this day and age is certainly accessible.

But his method is so abrasive that in this situation the only person who looks like an asshole is actually him, and his tirade backfires massively as even the staff at the restaurant tell him to back off.

Admittedly, is wearing fur to a vegan dining establishment the best move you can make? Obviously not, but such businesses are only going to grow if they convince people who are flirting with veganism to commit.

Chasing customers out the door as they prepare to try going meat-free is understandably not the best policy.

Veganut’s heart is definitely in the right place, and his point about preventing cruelty to animals stands.

But seriously fella, you catch more flies with honey than with being a tool who points a camera at others.

Don’t see him getting in the face of any gain chasing, red meat-eating bodybuilders outside the gym coincidentally…