Vegas Gunman Ordered One Final Meal From Hotel Before Massacre


In the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, details of the perpetrator’s final moments have been revealed amid an investigation into his motive.

As America tries to come to terms with the slaughter of 59 innocent Route 91 festival-goers, the authorities have released information regarding 64-year-old Stephen Paddock and his actions leading up to the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

An employee at the Mandalay Bay Casino, who claims to have served the killer, has shared since-deleted photographic evidence of receipts showing Paddock’s transactions, while he was staying in the hotel on the 32nd floor.

Tony Hernandez Armenta/Facebook

The receipt shows, how on 27 September, Paddock ordered a large meal to his room including a burger, a bagel, potato soup, a bottle of water and two Pepsis.

Four days later, Paddock used the same room to open fire on a music festival taking place across the street – killing 59 and injuring at least 500.


The receipt shows a chilling insight into Paddock’s mental state at the time.

Yet it also calls into question the timeline of events leading up to the attack, which the Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo says, has left 527 people with varying and potentially life-changing injuries.

Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives In The Vegas Mass Shooting

Yesterday, 59 music fans went to a concert and never made it home. Today, we remember them ??

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Police believed Paddock checked into the hotel on 28 September, but the receipt seems to prove he was there at least one day earlier.

Furthermore, the receipt says the meal was for two people, but it’s unclear if there was actually another person in the room – the Guardian report Lombardo finds it ‘hard to believe [Paddock was] working out all of this on his own.’

Police previously said Paddock used his girlfriend’s ID when he checked in, so it might be an explanation as to why it’s thought there was another person with him?


Paddock shot himself before armed police were able to reach his room, from which he had unleashed gunfire at the innocent people for a total of eleven minutes.

Photographs have been leaked showing the shooter’s body lying in the hotel room.

He was surrounded by an assortment of weapons and shell casings, including a bi-pod mounted rifle by his feet as well as a blood stained revolver lying close by, as well as a hand-written note.

The 64-year-old local ‘lone-wolf’ had amassed 42 offensive weapons, 17 of which he transported to his hotel room.

The firearms in his arsenal included four Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles, three FN-15 rifles, at least one Russian-designed AK-47 and at least one handgun.

While the exact list of guns is still being investigated, authorities know Paddock had the popular Colt AR-15 rifle in his hotel room.

Marilou Danley/Facebook

Authorities said on Monday, Paddock had used as many as 10 suitcases to transport the arsenal to his room at the Mandalay Bay and had smashed open the room’s windows with a hammer-like device.

The FBI say they’ve found no evidence of a connection to international terrorist groups, despite a claim of responsibility by Islamic State.


The attack has sparked both an outpouring of grief and a raging debate on gun control in America.

The feelings of a nation were perfectly summed up by Jimmy Kimmel:

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The investigation into Paddock’s motive continues.

Our thoughts are with all affected at this devastating time.