Vegetarian Loses Her Sh*t Eating Meat For First Time In 22 Years

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It’s hard to fathom what it’s really like to go without eating meat for such a long period of time.


My wife for example was a vegetarian right up until a mere month before I met her. Despite her describing the sheer elation she had after eating a bacon sandwich after eight years of vegetarianism, it’s still difficult to contextualise what this pure unadulterated joy really looked like.

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But Stephanie Potakis might have just shown us this really is. Stephanie is the casting director at The Onion and has been a vegetarian for a staggering 22 years.

According to A.V. Club it was down to the fact that she ultimately wanted to help ‘save the world’. However, after growing tired of the piss poor vegetarian options on offer she wanted to see what the meaty fuss was all about.

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So Supper Club decided to take her to one of Chicago’s fine steakhouses to show her what she’s been missing out on for over two decades.

Chef Chris Pandel at Swift & Sons prepared a plethora of luxury meats for Stephanie and it’s safe to say she went from being a devout veggie to a meat convert.

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She even tucked into some bone marrow, which even a lot of us carnivores couldn’t stomach. “This one’s good, but this one’s stupid good. It’s like a butter I didn’t know existed but it tastes like meat,” she said.

This is exactly what pure bliss looks like:

One thing’s for sure, we doubt she’ll be chowing down on a veggie burger anytime soon.

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