Large Lorry Driven Into People Near Shopping Centre In Stockholm


At least three people have been killed after a lorry was driven into a crowd of people in central Stockholm, Sweden this afternoon, local media reports.

The incident occurred near Ahlens Mall, a shopping area of the city, which has now been cordoned off, the Independent reports.

Armed police rushed to the scene on Drottningatam and shots have been fired.

It is the same area where there was a terrorist attack seven years ago where no one was harmed except the suicide bomber.

A witness told Aftonbladet:

I went to the main street when a big truck came out of nowhere. I could not see if anyone was driving it but it got out of control. I saw at least two being run over. I ran as fast as I could from there.

It took place just before 15:00 local time (14:00 GMT).

Unconfirmed reports say the lorry first drove over the pedestrianised shopping area and then into the main department store.

There is news of a shooting in another area in Stockholm, but it not confirmed whether the two incidents are linked.

This comes after vehicles have been used in attacks in London, Nice, and Berlin.

Footage from the attack shows people fleeing from the scene, and one witness said they we ‘running for their lives’.

More to follow.